It was a cold summer night... I guess 66F could be considered warm by many but compared to 86F just a few hours earlier, it was cold. I was driving back home after my first thirties experience of Bikram Yoga. I was listening to symphony No 5 opus 67 and life was exactly as described there.
Then a friend of mine called to discuss some issues with our upcoming code release. My friend is a man of many virtues but, alas, patience is not one of them. He talked for approximately 15 minutes and I was very close to my home when I noticed a dog.

The dog was running towards Central Park. He looked lost and disoriented so I tried to follow him. My friend immediately noticed that I stopped listening to his speech and asked what the F was I doing.

I told him about the dog but instead of following my intuition and getting out of the car and trying to engage the dog I kept on driving after him. My friend kept on being offended that I did not listen to his gibberish and at some point I lost track of the dog.
Big mistake. I could have saved a life. Not a human one but still a life.

A few days later I noticed this post on Nexdoor Central Park West.

Yes, but it's bad news. She was hit by a car and left to die. Some kind gentlemen helped her to the side of the road and stayed with her until she passed and continued to wait for animal control. Thank you so much for helping us look